African Mountain Explorer


1/2 day City Tour

National Museum

Depart from your country arrival in Addis Ababa depends overnight in Addis Ababa, early in morning freshen up before taking city tour. The museum has cradle of mankind which is dated from three and half years and an extensive collection of artifacts some predating the Axumite civilization.

Ethnological museum

The Museum belongs to Grand royal palace of the former emperor Haile Selassie's bedroom, toilet and also the grand compound of this antique place.

Selassie Church Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity Cathedral was once the largest Ethiopian Orthodox Cathedral and is the burial place of late prime minster Meles Zenawi, Emperor Haile Selassie and imperial family, Sylvia Pankhurst alongside many well-known Ethiopian and patriots.

Lunch Stopover

Stop for lunch we recommend to try different Habesha cuisine have the experience of spicy food serve for vegetarian and meat lover. Tour ends

*Tour offered in partnership with AGESHA TOURS

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